Mandatory Sentencing for Burglaries

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Published on: July 17, 2014

Mandatory sentencing must be the buzz word for this year’s WA election campaigns…both parties are pushing for mandatory jail terms for those that commit serious physical or sexual assaults in a home burglary. What they fail to mention is the Courts have been sentencing prisoners to imprisonment for just these types of offences. In fact, I can guarantee that if you commit a serious physical or sexual assault while committing a burglary on a dwelling you will go to jail for a significant period of time. The campaign is being run with the assumption that people are just roaming the streets after being convicted of such offences which is simply incorrect.

Labor has decided they want to go ‘that further step’ by including all serious physical or sexual assaults in general without the need for a burglary of sorts. The fact he points to a ‘loophole’ shows how little he knows about the laws, given that a ‘burglary in a dwelling’ has been around for many years with a dwelling clearly defined by the Courts.

I’m waiting for the day when Australian convicts are sent to Nauru to serve their sentences.

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