Police Commissioner making some sense…(16 May 2013)

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Published on: July 17, 2014

So there was word on the weekend that WA’s Police Commissioner, Mr Karl O’Callaghan, wanted a ‘review’ of how police, mainly traffic police, operate to better use the resources. Surprisingly, this was met with some backlash by the police union with their President, Mr George Tilbury, complaining about lack of consultation. He has a point, but his words of “The major issue that my members are angry about is that this announcement effectively changing the way they’ve done business for decades was announced publicly by the Commissioner without any consultation with them” is a bit self-incriminating.

Is Mr Tilbury saying that the ‘usual way’ traffic police operate is to drive through low crime areas, target people with fog lights on and broken taillights? In my view, Mr Tilbury should not be upset about a review as it should only serve to improve how police operate which is what the Commissioner is there for. And I do not agree with what the Commissioner has to say often.

Mr Tilbury should reserve comments until after the review is completed and then pass comment on any recommendations of the review if the review was conducted without consultation with them or not to their satisfaction.

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